Monday, May 2, 2011


Someone made one of those demotivational pictures out of one of drawings, its in Spanish tho.

It says: Zombie Popcorn from now in the movies for you to eat.
Or something along those lines, google translate isn't always spot on with its grammar. 

Still its really weird when you stumble across something like this even weirder that its not in English, my drawings have made it further then I have. 

Actually reminds me of a photo someone sent me a while back of the same drawing but they put it on a tshirt, not sure why they sent it to me because I could probably sue, could I sue? I look into it haha. 


  1. You ought to be flattered that somebody likes your art enough to wear it dude.
    Anyway, cool stuff.

  2. Yeah I am! I was joking about suing haha

  3. Wasn't saying you weren't joking dude. Just mearly saying it's an honour. lol
    Anyway, some other guy showcased your stuff if you haven't seen this page