Friday, May 27, 2011


I couldn't log on to blogger for a couple of days, every time I tried log on it bumped me back to the front page. I thought the website was down, turns out I just had to delete some cookie's. I want my cookie's back! Anyway heres some sort of three headed bird thing, it's not a cookie tho.


  1. Could you make some cookies like these?
    Yum! :P

  2. Dude your drawing is fantastic, but I think the lack of color complicated the final result, because I failed to notice that the eagles are with their mouths open.
    It was deliberate?

  3. You didn't fail to notice the mouths are open, if you did fail you wouldn't of mentioned it in your comment. Personally I find images that I don't understand fully straight away to be more interesting.
    And to be honest that picture is noting more then a doodle, no though behind it.