Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fish Eye

Back to college now and back to an endless flow of projects. This year we get to make a short animated film, so the first month or so in college will be conceptual work until we have a good idea to base or movies on. I think I'll do mine on big, happy, smiley fish like the ones below.

These are drawings I did so far in my conceptual notebook.

This last picture I did a year or two ago and is what I'm going to base my story around unless I change my mind and do something on unicorns instead.


  1. I have high expectations set on you man! Go and become the awesome gingerbearded freak you are meant to be! :D

  2. Hello, brother. Adam, I found your site accidentally and had a pleasant surprise. Congratulations for the drawings, you have much talent.
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  3. The fiends are very sinister and at the same time, provided something very attractive. His representation of them is perfect, even in sketches.